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Particles and Atoms video

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Electricity – Ingensteds Oslo June 28th 2014

Well we played Ingensteds in Oslo.
New place to me just over from Blå. Great room, quite echoish, and we played WAAAAY too early and it was a tad empty. The night was organised by Leon Muraglias Kosmische club (that used to be in England). We were supporting Leons band Radio 9, and Captain Credible (aka Daniel Lacey-McDermott).
Anyway, heres the video. It was NOT as empty as it looks here as everyone was behind the camera and above on a little balcony, and… oh bugger it.. yeah ok it was really empty… stop bugging me… music was ok though…

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Heres some great photos by Stig Fostervold from the show at Mir last Friday.

And heres a slightly crappy video made on my iPhone that was stuck to the mixing desk. Sound is OK, considering, but someone stood in the way most of the time DAMN!

Video streaming by Ustream
We played 4 tracks that may be on the album, not sure yet. We forgot to offer the album for pre-sales, but if anyone want to pre-order, write to:

Mark Says:
“I enjoyed the gig totally! But, it was way too loud!”