Here you can see what concerts we have done, and what is in the pipeline.
If you wish to book Electricity for your Art event,
Wedding, Bar Mitzva or World tour, please contact

Future Concerts
Lars Autande Exhibition Opening Helviktangen Nesodden.
26th September 2021

Past Concerts
11th August 2018                 Lille Lyd, Oslo
2nd August                            Polyføkt, Torshov, Oslo
27th June 2014                      Ingensteds, Oslo
3rd May 2014                        Unlike Oslo, Vanguard, Schaus Plass, Grünerløkka
11th March 2014                  Mir Schaus Plass, Grünerløkka
14th December 2013           Postføkt Deichmanske bibliotek, Schaus Plass, Grünerløkka 

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