About Electricity

Extraction: English.
Habitation: Norway.
Core: Joint operation of electronic manipulation. Momentary and industrious in persuasion, the initial experiment was a complete success, creating relativistic but organic patterns of electrons formed in simultaneous expression with a stream of animated photons.
Abstract: Audibly speaking influences can be exhumed from electro-synthsis from age and ages gone by. Therefore technology employed was garnered from back-time, and resulted in oscillations and filtrations and recorders of magnetic fields co-existing with sequences of binary information, both pre-determined and stochastically formed.
Projection: Currently employed in the research and development of an extended recording of experiments the “group” will make available their initial findings as soon as the first results are forthcoming. Proposal of nomenclature = Plant.
Comma separated keywords: Tone, oscillate, rhythm, sound, hiss, aggregate, haphazard, vague, precise, build, sensitive, chordal, minimise, threaten, cake.
Mark Francombe – Synthesisers, Sequencers
Martin Powell – Synthesisers, Electronics, Tape.
Video projection: Sources courtesy archive.org

The voltage V in volts (V) is eqaul to the current I in amps (A) times the impedance Z in ohms (Ω):


Electricity is the electronic band comprising two englishmen living in Oslo. Using vintage, homemade and third-hand equipment influenced by all electronic music throughout time. Nothing is sacred, most is usable and everything is on the verge of breaking down at all times. They released their debut album “Plant” in 2015.

Mark Francombe is better known as the spanner wielding dreadlocked guitarist from Cranes, the dark dream pop indie band, that gained cult status after being played by John Peel and playing support to The Cure. Francombes solo work since Cranes has  predominantly been live looping a heavily modified baritone guitar. His interest in electronics and synthesisers has existed from the early 1980s, citing Cabaret Voltaire and Kraftwerk as early influences. Electricity is his only purely electronic project for over 15 years.

Martin Powell
began his Monolab project in 1992 in the Beautiful town of West Bromwich,deep in the heart of the West Midlands. Producing experimental / electronic “Space Music”, using mainly old 70’s/80’s analogue synths + old effects units. Similarities have been made with:- Sonic Boom’s E.A.R Project, Add N To X, Space Machine, and the early works of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. 

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