Electricity Gear List

As we are most definitely nerds, its no big surprise that we are very interested in gear.
As such here is a list of equipment currently used in

Doepfer A110 VCO x 2
Doepfer  A130 VCF
Doepfer  A131 VCA
Doepfer  A140 ADSR
Doepfer A138 MIXER
Doepfer A 155 Analog Sequencer
Doepfer A 156 Dual Quantiser
Doepfer A 145 LFO
Doepfer A118 Noise + Random Noise
Doepfer A149-1 Quantized/Stored Random Voltages
Doepfer A149-2 DIgital Random Voltages
Doepfer A114 Ring Modulator
Doepfer A112 Sampler
Blacet Mini Wave
Blacet Binary Zone
Blacet Klang Werk
Blacet Frequency Divider
PAIA VCA/Mixer x 2
Future Retro – Mobius Sequencer
Korg MS2000R
Korg Monotribe
Korg Volca Beats
Roland D2 Groovebox
Proteus 2 Orchestral

WEM Reverbmaster Mixer
Watkins CopyCat Mk IV
Jen SX1000
Boss DR55
Akai 4000DS
Roland SH2
Roland JP8000

Marks synths on Modular grid.
They are not really in one huge rack, actually they are made from Ikea RAST boxes, that just happen to be exactly the right size for 19″ things…

and the frac rack stuff (the cloud gen is wishful thinking)

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